A style

For Everyone

From volume and length to colour and trends, choose from our range of five hair collections to create your client’s look.

Whether you’re looking to use Rapture Hair Extensions to create a thicker, more voluminous look, or to add colour without compromising the integrity of the hair through dye, there’s something for everyone.

Rapture Hair Extension Collection

Rapture Originals

Our Rapture Original solid colour hair collection, from the deepest browns to the brightest blondes and everything in between. Mix colours to create dimension and to match your client’s hair tone. With no pulling or tugging our originals are comfortable and lightweight ensuring no damage is done to the client’s natural hair. Hand crafted each extension is carefully assembled using the finest remy hair. Available in 25cm, 40cm & 50cm in 27 shades. 

Rapture Melts

Achieve the complete balayage look with our quick and easy solution, Rapture Melts. These 14 on-trend melts will give your client’s the balayage results they desire. 

Available in both 25cm and 40cm

Rapture Evolution

Rapture Evolution Hair Extensions deliver the ultimate in quality and versatility; they are handcrafted, comfortable, ultra-lightweight and virtually invisible.

Rapture Evolution Hair Extensions are delicately hand stitched, which gives the effect of the hair growing from the root, they are ideal to use with clients who have very fine or thinning hair as they look so natural and are designed to be used around partings and hairlines.

Combine Rapture Evolution and Rapture extensions to provide the ultimate head of the most natural looking hair extensions for your clients with fine and thinning hair.

Rapture Evolution is available in 15 colours and two lengths of 25cm and 40cm, the extensions are 3cm wide and are available in packs of 12.


New for Autumn 2022

5 of the most popular pastel shades in our real human hair range, you can add a flash of shocking colour or panels of vibrant shades that won’t fade and can easily be applied and removed.

Available in shades; Pink, Blue, Aqua, Grey & Lilac. 

Available in 40cm length with 6 strips per pack. Great for adding colour for festivals and parties without committing to a full hair transformation or perfect for adding pops of colour without chemicals. 

Rapture Fusion

Rapture Fusion uses the ultimate bonded hair extension technology available on the market today. Rapture Fusion Eurotex hair is Root point correct, cuticle intact and of the very highest quality, with correct care the hair will easily last for between 6 and 9 months. Rapture Fusion is our brand of loose hair.

Rapture Hair Extensions fully support the responsible and ethical sourcing of hair used in hair extensions and wig making. All our hair is sourced from traceable sources where hair donation is made willingly and the proceeds from the sale are put directly back into the local communities. We have worked with the same network of suppliers for many years and are confident in the sourcing; processing and supply chains that every effort is made to ensure responsibility and ethicality.

For further information about how you can become a Rapture Specialist call 01295 757 410