Rapture Hair Extensions Testimonials

Discover the world of Rapture Hair Extensions, quick, easy, kind to hair and totally re-usable, what else could you wish for? Watch and read some Rapture Hair Extensions Testimonials.
Rapture Hair Extensions Testimonials

Nick Malenko – Royston Blythe Salons

“When our clients walk through the doors at Royston Blythe, they expect exceptional service from an award winning team and the finest selection of hair products in the industry.

Rapture work for us on every level, they are fast and easy to apply (maximum application time is 1 hour), they are made of the finest hair, ultra slim headers to offer the most natural finish and most importantly they cause no damage.’

Rapture Hair Extensions Testimonials

Amilee Reynolds – Rapture Style of 2014

Amilee loves Rapture for their ease of use, versatility and how long lasting they are for the Client.

She also adds that she loves what they have done for business too!