Rapture Hair Extensions are proud to announce that our brand-new Miss England was crowned in October, and we are delighted to say that Jessica Gagen won. Jess has been a friend of the brand for many years and has been promoting women in STEM. Something she is very passionate about as she is also studying aerospace engineering. When she isn’t studying Jess works as a professional model, having signed with Boss Model Management nearly 9 years ago. Jess has been campaigns for Moncler, Mark Hill, Asda and of course Rapture – there isn’t anything this woman cannot do! ⁠

Jessica has been wearing Rapture Hair Extensions for a few years and has remained a friend of the brand. However a couple of years ago Jess reach out to us when there wasn’t a specific shade that matched her hair, and a mixture of shades were used to blend into her hair. Brand Manager Emily Bowden took on the challenge. After a few months of developing the shade, Rapture shade 29 was created and released as ‘Jess’s Shade’. Shade 29 is a strawberry blonde shade, perfect for her gorgeous natural hair. ⁠

Jess visited us a week before the Miss England competition to have her Rapture Hair Extensions applied by educator Daisy.

⁠So what is STEM? STEM is the acronym of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, which have all been predominantly male with historically low participation among women. But our new Miss England Jessica wants this to all change. She has been campaigning to get more women and girls into STEM.


To find out more head over to her Instagram profile: @jessicaashley_