Dawn Walsh of the eponymous Dawn Walsh Hair in Halifax has been using Rapture Hair for nearly two decades. We caught up with her to hear how and why she couldn’t be without Rapture.

How long have you been using Rapture?

 I’ve been with Rapture for almost 20 years. It was actually the current MD who came to my salon and introduced Rapture to me. Back then we were one of the few salons doing hair extensions and tapes were a revelation. Since discovering Rapture tape-in extensions I can honestly say I have never looked back.


What are your favourite things about Rapture?

 I love the quality of the hair and the tape-in system. I’ve found that bonds break the hair because they are too heavy, but with Rapture you don’t get any breakage. It evens the texture out and saves the hair.

Many of my clients have grown their natural hair with the Rapture system in and no longer need them!

I also love how you can put a darker section underneath and then a lighter shade on top, so they blend beautifully. One of my favourite combinations is a 5 underneath and a 3 on top. It looks so natural.

How long does it take you to do a Rapture makeover?

 A full head is five packs and that takes about an hour. It’s so quick that you can do it in someone’s lunch break. It doesn’t have to be a whole head though. I love them for adding volume to a bob because you can easily bulk it out. I also use them for helping clients to grow short styles out into a bob.


Do you have a favourite colour to work your magic with?

 I love 613 and 18, but I also love working with dark shades. 3, 4 and 5 look so lovely when blended together.


How do you market your services?

 Word of mouth is the best possible tool! When you send someone out there looking fabulous – and they always do when I’ve done their hair extensions – their friends will always ask where they had them done.

What’s your key advice to anyone thinking about adding Rapture to their service menu?

You’ll love them! They’re great for hair loss, they give you a lovely natural look and they are easy to take out. Make sure you do the Rapture training and then keep up with the latest trends. Beautiful extensions are all about the blend so invest time mastering how to create the kind of blend that can never be achieved with just one colour.


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